hakuna makes time tracking simple and uncomplicated.

SMEs from all over Switzerland in different industries are already successfully using hakuna to simplify the tracking of working hours and the administration of absences.

hakuna makes time tracking simple and uncomplicated.
  • Track and analyze working time
  • Request and approve absences
  • Assign time to projects and activities
  • Get an overview of available resources
  • Support for part-time work
  • Insights with various reports
  • Simple, modern and intuitive
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Many companies already use hakuna
WALA Schweiz AG
cyon GmbH
Verein PRS Pet-Recycling Schweiz
Zürich Openair

Eine Zeiterfassung, die funktioniert.

Time tracking is usually perceived as a tedious and necessary evil. For employees, because the tracking is tedious and intransparent. But also for the administration, because the collection of scattered Excel files and complicated calculations cost a lot of time.

The resulting incomplete data has consequences for the company. Legally, because the mandatory documentation of working time is not fulfilled. But also financially, because the data basis is missing to gain important insights for the future.

We ourselves have been tracking our time for years with Excel or another tedious tools. We know the pain! And we have seen that it often doesn’t work at all. This is why we developed hakuna.

With hakuna, both employers and employees benefit from time tracking.

Our customers (and their employees!) love one thing about hakuna: Simplicity. Employees love to track their working time with hakuna. Not only because it is really easy, but because everyone benefits from it:

  • The Employees know where they stand at all times.
  • The Managers save time because there is no need to collect data.
  • The Administration has less effort, because everything is calculated automatically.
  • The Company as a whole, because transparency is increased and employees are happier.

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