We've tried 5 different time tracking tools…

This is a quote from a customer - and we hear such things often.

Time tracking is often seen as a tedious and necessary evil. This is understandable: Half-hearted tracking of working time, scattered Excel files and headaches because of complicated part-time calculations.

Important questions have to be answered when it comes to time:

  • How many working hours did we spend on this project?
  • Which activities do we spend the most time on?
  • Do I have sufficient resources in the summer months?
  • Is the work-life balance of my employees right?
  • Have we documented our working hours in accordance with the law?

In order to answer these questions, time tracking must work. But time tracking should not stand in the way of the actual work. Employees just want to do a good job, and time tracking (ironically) costs time.

Consequently, time tracking only works if it is easy and brings added value to the employee.

What if everyone benefited from time tracking?

Thanks to hakuna, time tracking has become super simple for us.

«Thanks to hakuna, time tracking has become super simple for us. We particularly appreciate the fact that every employee can call up his or her hourly balance and holiday days at any time and that part-time work is also perfectly supported. »
David Burkardt
David Burkardt, CEO cyon GmbH
Customers since 2015

How much easier would your work be if time tracking was quick and easy and even fun, so that your employees actually like doing it?


  • You wouldn’t have to run after your employees anymore.
  • You can fully concentrate on your work.
  • You have correct & complete data.
  • You could make good decisions or detect problems early.
  • And you could increase efficiency!

And while we’re at it… What if you could see immediately at any time (without Excel-calculation!) what time means to your company:
Target time, actual time and overtime hours, project expenditure, holiday balances, part-time calculations, resource planning.

What if your time tracking tool did a handstand to serve you?

Happy employees are up to 12% more productive.
University of Warwick, "Happiness and Productivity", 2014

We ourselves have been tracking our time for years with Excel or another tedious tools. We know the pain! And we have seen that it often doesn’t work at all.

«We looked at 15 different time tracking tools and hakuna emerged as the clear winner.»
Guy Zurich
Guy Zurich, Managing Director Raptus AG
Customers since 2016

This is why we developed hakuna. hakuna is an online app for teams to track time and manage absences.

Our customers (and their employees!) love one thing about hakuna: simplicity. Employees love to track their working time with hakuna. Not only because it is really easy, but because everyone benefits from it:

  • Employees always know where they stand: How many overtime hours and remaining holidays do I have?
  • Managers have less work because there is no need to collect data. With hakuna, everything is in one place and securely stored in the cloud.
  • Time expenditure can be tracked at any time and can be evaluated by activity or project at the push of a button.
  • Complicated calculations are a thing of the past. hakuna calculates target hours and holiday credit fully automatically.
  • Resource planning is more efficient because hakuna knows which employee is absent when.
hakuna Zeiterfassunghakuna Zeiterfassung
With hakuna everything is in one place and accessible from everywhere.

Join our customers who save valuable time (and nerves) every month with hakuna!

Raptus AG
cyon GmbH
Cleven Stiftung
Media Motion AG
Nine Internet Solutions AG

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