Easily integrate.

hakuna offers various possibilities to further process the collected data.

hakuna 🤝 bexiohakuna 🤝 bexio

hakuna 🤝 bexio

hakuna has an integration with bexio. This means that master data can be imported from bexio to hakuna and working time can be exported from hakuna to bexio for invoicing at the push of a button.

Display absences in external calendars.Display absences in external calendars.

Display absences in external calendars.

Absences can be easily and automatically displayed in external calendars such as Apple Calendar, Google Calendar or Microsoft Outlook with the calendar integration.

Export and analyze data.Export and analyze data.

Export and analyze data.

For further processing in other tools or for customized evaluations, data can be conveniently exported as Excel files.

Integrate hakuna with API.Integrate hakuna with API.

Integrate hakuna with API.

Thanks to the modern REST-API interface, hakuna can be connected with other tools and thus easily integrated into the existing system landscape.