How is my team doing?

With the team overview, the question "Are all employees well?" can be answered easily and efficiently. Company or legal requirements can be checked at any time.

How is my team doing?

Life-Work-Balance Monitor.

Identify deviations from a healthy life-work balance and prevent burnout.

Balances at a glance.

The current hours and vacation balance can be viewed directly at any time.

Full traceability.Full traceability.

Full traceability.

In the detailed view, the most important key figures and their development can be viewed.

Health in focus.Health in focus.

Health in focus.

Company or legal requirements (minimum breaks, overtime, vacations) can be analyzed and tracked.

Does the time tracking work?Does the time tracking work?

Does the time tracking work?

The completeness of the time tracking can be checked on a daily basis. Thus, gaps in tracking can be efficiently prevented.