Track time with ease.

No matter if tracked by timer or single entries in the end of the day, hakuna leaves it up to you how you want to track your working hours.

Track time with ease.

Track in detail.

Working time can be categorized into different projects and tasks. Notes help with traceability.

Track precisely.

Start your timer or add the time entry afterwards, hakuna is flexible when tracking time.

hakuna works everywhere.hakuna works everywhere.hakuna works everywhere.

hakuna works everywhere.

Wherever you are, hakuna is there as well. Start your timer on the move via your iPhone, create a time entry afterwards on your Windows computer or analyze the reported working hours on your Mac. Everything safely stored in the Cloud.

Self Control included.Self Control included.

Self Control included.

hakuna gives every employee the possibility to see key figures like working hours, planned working hours, overtime and holiday balance at any time. Reliability and transparencey for every employee.

Overview at the touch of a button.Overview at the touch of a button.

Overview at the touch of a button.

Working hours can be checked with only one click. Supervisors and administrators may act preemptively to encourage a healthy work-life balance. Happy employees thanks to hakuna.

Night and Sunday work with automatic time bonuses.Night and Sunday work with automatic time bonuses.

Night and Sunday work with automatic time bonuses.

Time windows for evening, night, Saturday or Sunday work as well as an optional time bonus can easily be defined. The working times in these time windows as well as bonuses can be analyzed conveniently.