At a glance

How hakuna makes time tracking easy.

In hakuna each user gets his own account. This account allows personal time tracking with any device - PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.

How hakuna works

All data is stored online in the Schweiz Cloud and can be checked and evaluated there.

Useful at every level.

  • Efficient time tracking
  • Request absences
  • Access from anywhere
Teams & Departements
  • Resource planning
  • Team-wide evaluations
  • Management and control
Administration & HR
  • Simple employee management
  • Fully automatic calculations
  • Multiple export options
  • Cross-company reports
  • Transparency & cost truth
  • Happier employees
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Save time.

Time tracking

Start a timer with one click or enter your time afterwards.


At the touch of a button, you can obtain important key figures such as your hourly or holiday balance at any time.

Excel & PDF

Export data and reports easily as Excel or PDF.

Plan resources.

My absences

Easily manage your absences in your calendar.

Absence requests

Conveniently request or grant absences such as holidays.

Employee calendar

Save your way through the office thanks to the employee calendar if the colleague you want is not there.

Get insights.

Employee time entries

Analyze time entries by filtering and grouping them.


Track time spent on projects and activities.

Vacation balance

With one click you receive important employee data such as hourly or holiday balances.